Coach Pat Pallan

Muay-Thai & MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is sweeping the nation.  More and more people are finding themselves wondering if they have what it takes to push their mind and body to train and/or even compete in mixed martial arts.  At Triunfo Jiu Jitsu and MMA you will find a progressive approach to instill a foundation that you can build on for years to come. Coach Pat Pallan works diligently to instill strong fundamentals in our beginner students, while improving upon the abilities of our more experienced students to combine effective techniques. Dark Blue Belt and Pro Kickboxer and MMA Fighter, Coach Andre Walker, offers an unparalleled level of skill, experience, and competitive technique for our evening Muay Thai and Pro MMA classes.  Triunfo will instill striking techniques that are effective in both self-defense and competitive events.  Few things will condition your body, health, and stress levels the way that a class with Triunfo Jiu Jitsu & MMA will.


This class is an all levels class that the beginner or expert will feel satisfied in being part of.  Our instructors are not only incredibly talented in the art of Muay Thai, but also in the art of designing a class that stimulates each athlete without leaving anyone feeling defeated or left behind.


Thanks to the UFC this popular sport doesn’t require much introduction.  MMA represents Mixed Martial Arts and is just that, a combination of a variety of different martial arts.  The fight can be finished on the ground in a grappling/jiu-jitsu manner just as effectively as standing and striking.  Professor Felipe Fogolin is a professional MMA Fighter and has designed this class to marry the ground game and standing game together.  He’s been quoted saying, “You can have great jiu-jitsu and great muay thai, but until you learn how to make them work together, and set up your shots and takedowns, you won’t be able to use either effectively in MMA.”